Getting Funding for Your Side Business

You’ve decided to increase your streams of revenue by starting a business part-time. The idea of being able to work on something you’re passionate while still maintaining the stability from your full-time job seems to make the most sense right now. You’ve done your research and have some ideas on what type of business you’d […]


The Challenges and Satisfaction of Community Care

Community care jobs can be one of the most satisfying jobs out there, while also being incredibly stressful at times. In this article I want to show what type of roles a community care worker does, and what the pros and cons of these types of jobs can be. Community care can encompass many different […]


The Startup Path: What to Expect

It is difficult to predict the exact path that any start up will take. However, it is possible with planning to gain a good insight into what you can expect. This is an essential step in creating your business path as you will need to know what to expect in order to know the right […]