How O2 Is Using Tech To Change The World

Who are the telecommunications giants? Don’t think twice to answer this question. It is none other than O2. It is the commercial brand owned by Telefonica UK. It is one of the leaders in digital communications. The latest Ofcom statistics reveals that it holds the highest satisfaction rate amongst clients with regard to customer service. […]


Looking For An iPhone Case? Here’s A Must Read Guide

There is a wide range of smartphones available in the market and we don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on buying those expensive smartphones. However, once you buy an expensive mobile like iPhone, safety becomes a major issue. Therefore, for protecting your device, you need to buy a case. Various manufacturers offer a wide range […]


Writing Tips For Students – How To Write The Best Quality Academic Essays

A lot of students in different discipline require the creation of best quality academic articles. To prepare an informative article, just getting miscellaneous observation is not enough. An effective article is formed by looking at both the sides of a coin. An accomplished essay should have an argument. By supporting your article with reasoning, evidence, […]


Chemistry Of Mobile Application Development

Recent surveys revealed the global tendency of increasing costs of mobile application development, in this post, we would like to refresh how much does it cost to develop an app. With the USA hourly rates for building an app of $50 to $250, the researchers count from $110,000 up to $500,000 for a first product version. […]


Customer Retention Tips For Digital Businesses

Having trouble retaining customers? Most digital businesses manage to attract interested customers in large numbers. However, most also fail to retain these large throngs of customers. You can tell the successful digital start-ups from the unsuccessful ones by the customer retention rate. It’s important to retain customers because it’s far easier to convert former customers […]

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