Buying Online: Helpful Tips and Tricks

Setting Your Online Shop On A Budget

E-Commerce has been one of the fastest growing businesses in last few years. Statistics say that e-commerce revenue in 2013 per one shopper in the United States was $1,804, and the annual growth for e-commerce business is more than 15%. All this makes it one of the most innovative and competitive business environments worldwide. Before […]


Social Media Tactics That Boost Your Online Business

Companies leave no stone unturned to keep their customers happy. Afterall, happy customers are their real wealth. Nowadays companies are going to any extent to surprise their customers with something new.  CRM softwares have shared half of the burden of the companies in resolving the customer related issues. These softwares successfully manage interactions with the […]


What Data Are Smart Marketers Tracking?

Data is the backbone of marketing. Metrics and analysis can mean the difference between a marketing campaign’s success or underperformance. But with so much data in increasingly larger sets, what information should marketers study and which should they cast aside. No matter how far technology progresses, some metrics will always be worth measuring. Here is […]


What Do Starbucks And Johnson & Johnson Have In Common?

Two distinct brands. Two different target markets. So, what exactly do Starbucks and Johnson & Johnson have in common? They’ve successfully evolved to embrace digital transformations. This means they aren’t just throwing around this modern buzzword. Rather, each company has taken significant steps in shifting their business models to connect better with the digital world. […]


How To Save Money By Repurposing Your Content

You invested much time into creating this year’s content. Don’t let it fade into oblivion! Now is the perfect time to repurpose the year’s most popular content. As a side benefit, this also saves you the time of creating new content through the end of the year. Check out these practical ways to make a […]


How Can An SEO Company Help Your Marketing Strategy?

Hiring an SEO company can do wonders for your presence on the internet. When you first create your own website, you need to market it aggressively in order to reach your target market. However, marketing your website is not easy in today’s world. Over the past few years, Google and other search engines have greatly […]


How To Develop An Effective Sales Funnel

Is your current sales funnel more like a maze, confusing potential customers and leading them down dead ends? A wealth of prospects may be ready and waiting to purchase your products or services. But, if they can’t figure out how to easily contact you or make a purchase, they won’t stick around for long. Here […]

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