Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – Release On Cards!

Do you know that the release of new model of Note series is on cards? Which one? Galaxy Note 6! The note series have always won a lot of love and appreciations from the people all around the world on ground of its notable features and specification. Due to its writing features, it is often […]


How To Plug Money Leaks?

Water is often used as a metaphor in money management. It easily flows in and out just like our money. The direction and flow of water can be controlled easily with piping and plumbing. We could also control our money, by different management techniques. However, there could be unseen leaks that could cause us lose […]


How To Work With Financial Advisors?

Before we choose a financial advisor, we should know that they are in for the profit and there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as they do their work and allow us to save or earn more money. Good advices are often worth more than the $10K fees, if they allow us to make or […]


Why We Should Monitor Average Values In Our Budget?

The term “mean” is associated with specific mathematical definition and it is about the average value of multiple numbers. Mean should be clearly measurable and it could be applied directly toward money management and personal budgeting. There’s an age-old question that asks us whether we are living beyond our “mean”. This could also mean that […]


3 Ways To Save Money Significantly

Many people are living pay check to pay check. For these people, the situation may not get better better enytime soon. There’s a possibility that it will get worse as the economic situation declines further and the rate of unemployment is on the rise. In many cases, the lack of disposable income could make many […]


4 Signs We Are Good Budgeters

Not everyone is good budgeter and we should be able to evaluate our performance in this field. By assessing our ability, we should have a clue at what our budgeting skill are currently performing. However, these are signs that we are actually perfuming well in budgeting. We pay bills on time: Good budgeters are able […]

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