Utilizing Blockchain For Better CRM

Utilizing Blockchain For Better CRM

With passing time, the technologies are advancing in a great way, making the world a better and smarter place to dwell. Various fresh technologies are being invented and tested by the IT professionals in order to produce innovative techniques that will open a new arena for the advancement. The blockchain is such a technology that enables the firms to complete the decision-making process almost immediately with complete verification. It helps consolidate the entire business process which saves money as well as protects the business from any scam. CRM has witnessed various technologies like mobile technology, journey mapping, workflow, social media, browser-based cloud computing, big data & analytics, etc. It is predicted that CRM will be encountering Blockchain as its next venture.

Importance of Blockchain

The blockchain is a simple process, which helps tie the blocks of data together. With every alteration in the data, a specific chain is added as the existing chain is non-editable. This process assists in tracing the data while moving from one place to other in an area of a particular network. Every change in data is recorded with minute attention in order to take care of the security. This process is of tremendous help for the industries where object tracking is essential. Tracking of an object will easily enable sharing of any data like intellectual property, proprietary ideas, financial payments, and other confidential information without the risk of any spam. Along with the goods tracking, quality control is also associated with blockchain. It is the prime contributor to the features of a supply chain and is predicted that the advent of blockchain will change the entire prospect of business and not just only a particular sector of a business. This will take place as it imposes a trust in every transaction.

CRM & Blockchain

The blockchain is an innovative method of understanding the demand and smartly utilize it to redistribute the resources. In order to understand the view of the customers in an integrated manner, it is important to deploy blockchain into the CRM system, which will produce wondrous results. It will allow the organization to access unbiased and practical data in order to understand the genuine customer behavior. This attribute will help build a transparent relationship between the customers and the firm, leading to higher customer retention. Blockchain can also be proved to be a great part of the numerous programs like loyalty solutions, which will grant the company to access the deeper information about the clients that will lead to an accentuated relationship.

Why is Blockchain Important?

Customers have high demands, which can only be met if the supply is managed in a smart way, whether service or product. The trend of the demand changes with passing time and each type of demand is short-lived. Hence, to cater to the capricious demands, the amalgamation of analytics and blockchain is highly essential. It will not only meet the present demand but will also keep track of the dynamic needs. This feature is similar to that of the Internet of Things, where various gadgets are connected to each other, in order to accumulate data in every form. This process is fruitfully accomplished with the help of full-proof origin. Therefore, the blockchain needs deploying in every system without any exception.

With rapid modernization, the concept of managing the data is changing and the firms steadily believe in storing information in multiple resources to make sure there is no loss of data. Blockchain ties all the links in a systematic manner so that no data is lost even if ample new data is added. In the IoT genre, the automated situations have enhanced in a huge manner, making the world digitized. The chances of being fraud in IoT are nearly negligible. However, the hackers might make it a new platform to operate the hacking process. When a digital transaction is accomplished between machines, IoT makes sure the process is completed seamlessly without any security issue. But, spammers are becoming smarter along with the technologies and might find a way to steal information in between the process that can cause serious trouble. Hence, the introduction of blockchain will play an important role in filling the gaps of security in an efficient manner.


The blockchain is an emerging technology and needs working upon for the better results. In order to enjoy the greater benefits, it is important to impregnate every technology with blockchain. With the emergence of distributed commerce and distribution, the introduction of blockchain can be considered as mandatory. It can be deployed as an added security step, which will lead to a seamless transaction. Apart from this, the maintenance of data is also accomplished in a fruitful manner without any hindrance. If an organization is assured that the data and transactions are managed in a secure and systematic manner, then the revenue generation can be taken care, resulting in higher Return on Investment. If you have not understood any point discussed in this post, ask our Microsoft dynamics AX consultants in comments. They will answer you shortly.


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