Tips To Start An Online Grocery Store

Tips To Start An Online Grocery Store

Quite a few entrepreneurs in India are choosing to open an online grocery store. Some of the reasons behind this move include increased profitability, expansion of internet connectivity services, no requirement of logistic tie-ups and higher returns in the long-term.

But what is it that should be considered to launch an e-commerce which customers can prefer as the best online food grocery store?

Read Below Points to find out.

Decide on a brand name:

When it comes to branding, everything is in a name. Think of a catchy and unique brand name for your venture.

Remember that it should not be too difficult to pronounce or spell and should ideally reflect the essence of what your brand stands for.

List the products:

This is probably one of the most tedious tasks. You need to list all the products that you want to sell. Then, arrange these products according to different categories. Don’t forget to include the margins while you arrive at the final price after a discount.


Get in touch with a competent Chartered Accountant and get your company registered under any one of the following:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Corporation Company
  • Partnership (LLP)

Further, you should also obtain a VAT id for submission of sales tax.

Distance to be covered:

Make a decision about the radius of your delivery services. For e.g., some of the best grocery stores deliver all over India, some deliver the products all over the city and some local online grocery stores cover a radius of 5-10 kilometers. Arrange vehicles and delivery boys accordingly. Remember that salary for delivery boys and vehicle maintenance should also be included in the cost of investment.

Website and App Development:

Hire a professional web-developer for user-friendly, easily navigable and visually attractive website. Upload photos and information about all the products and advertise 2-3 good offers on the website.

Language translator (English to Hindi and vice-versa) should be embedded in the website as well as in the app. This may be helpful for those customers who don’t the English names of many grocery items, like jeera, raai etc.

Further, get an Android and an iOS app developed as more and more customers are choosing to shop on the go. The app should be suitable for cross-device usage.

Discounts and Payment Method

Grocery stores offering best prices have one thing in common. All of this offer 5-10% discounts on each of the products and these also offer cash-on-delivery as a payment option. So, make sure you add these two options on the website as well as the app. In fact, introducing app-only offers is also a viable option.


Even if you plan to sell grocery items at best product prices, it is going to serve the purpose only when you will invest enough efforts and money in marketing it well. How else will people know the benefits of choosing your online grocery store over others? Use a marketing mix which comprises local newspapers, pamphlets, SMSs, hoardings, location-based online marketing etc.

So, all set to take the plunge as an entrepreneur? Hope these tips will come in handy throughout your entrepreneurial journey. All the best!


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