7 Tips To Triple Your Property Value

7 Tips To Triple Your Property Value

Landscaping has always been a win-win proposition that increases the value of a property. It’s all about tidying in and around of the house and keeping it green, environmental friendly which is also important for health. Check out our quick facts before we jump to details of landscaping!

Quick Facts

Trees are good – A Perth-based research concluded that a broad-leafed tree planted on a street’s boundary, right in front of a home raises the median property price by approximately $17,000.

A fertile street – The Brisbane City Council formulated a case study entitled as The Economic Value of Green Space which states leafy (greener) streets having around 50 percent or more covered by lush trees can raise the value by almost $30,000 (almost 6 percent) above the average sale cost.

High-value returns – Another study conducted by the Michigan University found that homeowners enjoy more or less 110 percent return on every dollar spent on landscaping; that’s higher than any other remodelling or redesigning aspect.

Careful landscape design raises the worth significantly – Careful, thorough and good landscape design judged by plantation, their size and shape may increase the value of a perceived home by 11 percent maximum.

Here’re top tips on landscaping that’ll definitely improve your home’s value so there’s no point ignoring them!

1. Expressive Lawn Edges

Timely mowing and edging the lawn is one way to start. Edging the lawn gives a garden (or yard) a more restrained and tamed appearance which is a critical selling point. Creating an edge is easy and can be accomplished through a sharp spade that neatly separates between the lawn and garden bed, fence or pat. Physical barriers namely timbers, stone or brick can be used as a fine alternative as well.

2. Plants would Solve Many Problems

You can address your property’s shortfalls like crowded roads and overlooking neighbours simply by planting out a garden. Although plants mightn’t delineate a full visual barrier or any sound for improvement, it’ll definitely be worth from buyer’s perspectives.

Have a meeting with your local gardener or an expert horticulturist about the particulars of your garden that may include shading, sunlight, soil and coastal proximity. A proper and mature nursery may give immediate and optimistic selling results.

3. Weed & mulch

Mulching and weeding the plant beds would result in a well-kept and maintained garden. Utility mulch like forest fines or pine bark is a fine alternative to sugarcane and lucerne; a typical “gardener’s choice”! Utility barks look tidier and while selling, it adds to the overall aesthetics of a property rather than other functions. It’s better to avoid mulches that are too bizarre such as dyed woodchip as these can deter buyers.

4. Limit the Count of different Plant Species

As a homeowner, you may be eager to put as many plant species as your garden can spare but it’ll only make it difficult to maintain in the long run. Start by limiting the number of these greens for a uniform look, however; don’t be absolutely dogmatic over choices. Biodiversity is excellent for local ecology, extends flowering times, reduce pest impact and most importantly, aesthetically appealing so, it’s more a personal choice in the end.

5. Induce a New Lawn

A lush lawn is sure to sparkle any home and if yours is covering a large area, go for Kikuyu; a cost-effective option. I’ll save you around 50 percent as compared to buffalo grass. For instance, replacing 100 square metres lawn with premium quality buffalo grass would cost around $9.00 per square metre whereas Kikuyu is more or less $4.50; see the difference!

In case your lawn turned a bit brownish and patchy during the winter (a usual thing with couch grass); try over-sowing with a lawn seed blend which is made of rye and fescue grasses. In time, you’ll see the lawn thicken up with greens!

6. Complement with Form & Colour

Small and colourful plants at the entrance give a warm welcome and featured clipped topiary. Fill other pots in the garden with bright flowers and perennials for immediate lift up. If you’re selling, always carry the potted plants along!

7. Conventional Trimming

The primary aim is making your home look pruned and tidy which can be achieved by frequent lawn maintenance and getting the right plants. Just don’t get carried away when trimming!


Working hard to boost your property’s value? Try these exceptional landscaping tips and tricks for a change right from the experts’ desk! You can apply the same set of tips for any sort of commercial property (shop, office or warehouse).


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