How To Draft An Efficient Call Center Outsourcing SLA

How To Draft An Efficient Call Center Outsourcing SLA

Call center service providers primarily help businesses in accomplishing mission-critical customer service functions proficiently.  Call centers ensure businesses that their customers are offered immaculate and opportune assistance, guidance, and support, which paves way for enhanced reputation and customer loyalty.  As a result, call center outsourcing acquired immense popularity and acceptance in the business world.

However, as outsourcing is related to sub-allocation or contracting out of varied business specific functions, most organizations prefer to establish a professional relationships with their call center partners through a skillfully drafted Service Level Agreement (SLA).  With the steep rise in expectation level of customers, and emergence of several dynamic business trends, it becomes crucial for businesses to develop an idea beforehand regarding how service providers can meet their needs and expectations.  In this circumstance, call center service providers must pay special attention to drafting a perfect SLA based on their true potential, competency, and expertise.  This article provides a list of all the important components of SLAs that call centers must be very careful about.

Description of services:  Call centers should honestly describe the services that they can offer, and how those outsourced services can be beneficial for businesses.  This component is considered to be the backbone of SLAs in call center outsourcing industry, and a slight misrepresentation of facts and services can ruin professional relationships between service provider and their clients.  Over-commitment in service level agreements can also spoil the professional relationships.  Therefore, call center service providers must describe their services adeptly, and should stick to their potential.  Before writing specific description of call center services, call centers must create a service catalogue, which must include all the services that they offer.

Service Standards:  Once a call center has established a list of services that it offers, it becomes important to consider the standard and quality of services.  To get a deep insight regarding the standards of outsourced services, call centers must consider the factors like availability, qualification, and customer care skills of their executives.  Besides this, call center service providers should also consider response and resolution times.  To analyze service standards efficiently, call centers must also consider the efficiency and competency of tools they employ to accomplish call center services.  Strategic analysis of these factors can enable call centers specify service standards in SLAs quite efficiently.

Duration of agreement:  This is such as crucial component of every type of SLAs, and call center companies must not keep their clients in dark regarding the time period for which service level agreements remain valid.  By clearly specifying the duration of agreement, as in the date on which agreement starts and on which it expires, call center companies can enable businesses make informed decisions regarding extension of contracts.  Therefore, SLAs should clearly specify the time period for which mutual cooperation between clients and service providers remains valid.

Roles and responsibilities:  Managing the overall customer service functions would become quite unorganized or disorderly if call center companies do not clearly specify their roles and responsibilities in service level agreements clearly.  Sometimes, individual roles and responsibilities have huge dependency on corporate call center outsourcing strategies, and therefore, all those factors must be considered before designating any role or responsibility to any specific agent.  To maintain enduring relationships with clients, it is very important for call center companies to specify their roles and responsibilities clearly.

Evaluation criteria:  Without specifying the evaluation criteria, it would become a bit impossible for call center companies to help clients examine their organizational performance.  Therefore, call centers must include the evaluation criteria in SLAs, and should select appropriate performance metrics.  As it is quite difficult to surpass customer expectation on each point of contact, it is quite necessary to devise a strategy aimed at evaluating the performance comprehensively. By clearly mentioning the evaluation criteria in SLAs, service providers can eliminate the guesswork of their clients as well.

An adeptly drafted Service Level Agreement can function as an efficient communication vehicle between call centers and their clients. Therefore, service providers must keep the above mentioned components in mind while drafting an efficient call center outsourcing SLA.


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