A Guide To Choosing The Right Air Compressors

A Guide To Choosing The Right Air Compressors

For over a 100 years, people have been using air compressors for different purposes. These machines are indispensable, safe and clean. They also save time and money on your projects. Whether you are in textile industry, in manufacturing business, have an automobile company or practice dairy farming, having the right kind of air compressor is important for you. However, most people find themselves in a quandary when they have to buy this product. Should you be taking 75, 50 or 25 HP air compressors? Which one of these would be the right option for you? Read on this guide to choose the right kind of air compressors.

Get To Know The Basics

A Guide To Choosing The Right Air Compressors

The pressure and volume requirements are very important when you decide about buying an air compressor. Failure to choose a compressor that meets your intended requirements will ultimately decrease your work efficacy. For instance, you should think about what kind of work your compressor will do. Like, whether it will be used for caulking gun or for powering heavy duty machinery. Then choose accordingly.

Piston or Portable

A Guide To Choosing The Right Air Compressors

Another question that plagues buyers. Should you purchase portable or piston compressors? Piston compressors have a motor that builds air pressure and they have compressed air in tanks. Portable ones on the other hand, don’t have tanks. So, they must run continuously during a period of time. Single stage piston compressors are excellent for heavy duty applications at home, whereas the two stage ones are good for industrial settings. Opt for portable ones for light home use, such as inflating small tires or to caulk spray guns.

Look At The Horsepower

A Guide To Choosing The Right Air Compressors

75, 50 and 25 HP air compressors among others are available in the market. These are all recommended for industrial purposes. Consider horsepower of the product along with their CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute rating, which is a measurement of the volumetric flow. Basically, CFM should be studied because two tools with the same PSI may not necessarily have same volumetric flow.

Space And Portability

A Guide To Choosing The Right Air Compressors

Air compressors can be available in small portable varieties. However, if you are planning to use it for industrial purposes, opt for larger, more powerful fixtures. Portability is of convenience when you have smaller uses or occasional requirements.

Source of Power

Electric motor and electricity can both be used for running air compressors. But sometimes, you might have to operate them with a motor when electricity supply isn’t available. So, choose to buy a product that can be used with an electric motor. Or else, you might just have to waste money with a gasoline engine.

Lastly, determine how large your tank should be and then choose a product that suits your requirements and the overall budget.



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