Smart Ways Of Making Your LinkedIn Account More Visible

Smart Ways Of Making Your LinkedIn Account More Visible

The sole reason why you have a LinkedIn account is that others can discover your profile and open up a host of different possibilities. While in the past LinkedIn was not quite search engine friendly, but it is now introducing a number of options that have the potential of being optimized for improved discovery. LinkedIn has also introduced a feature that tells you the percentile you are in by calculating the number of views of pages in your industry versus the times your page was viewed. This feature now not only informs you of your position in real time but also allows you to monitor your progress. Essentially, this means that there is an increased consciousness regarding search engine visibility, and the necessity of performing SEO to improve your rank. Some practical tips:

Make Use of the Publisher Function

With the help of the publisher function, you can post articles into LinkedIn directly. You can not only show off your expertise but also give more information and content to the bots of LinkedIn to work with. Direct posting is an easy way of demonstrating your activity level, and assists in keeping you more visible in your followers’ news feeds.

To use the publisher function, all you need to do is to log in to your LinkedIn account, and click on the icon of a pencil just below your photograph. Copy an article from a different source, and paste it into LinkedIn, and once it is live you can monitor it metrics. Your new post will show up in the feeds of your followers as well as the profile page of your account, under the section of posts.

Fill Up Complete Information and Insert Keywords to the Extent Possible

Ensure that your profile details in LinkedIn are all completely filled up using as much detail as possible. Take the opportunity of inserting keywords that are important to your profile and your skills. Make sure that you write as extensively as possible on your skill set, experience, and the special projects that you have worked on, and even your history of volunteerism and the causes that you deeply care about. If you are involved in online internet marketing, be sure to accurately describe the product range and what needs they are designed to fulfill.

Employ Job Titles That Are Standard

While it can be great fun inventing job titles that are designed to show off the creative and quirky side of your personality, LinkedIn searches operate far more conventionally and it is unlikely that people will also be searching for profiles with such imaginative keywords. Not using your imagination, may ruin the fun you want to have to a certain extent, however, by using conventional and standard job titles, you will be able to get your profile included in search results far better.

Promote Your Profile on the Web

Since all LinkedIn profiles can do with a little publicity, you could help the cause by inserting a link to your LinkedIn account in the signature line of your email or any other digital communication you may be sending out. Make it a point to include the link on all your social media pages, so that it is easier for you to attract inbound links. Whenever you publish anything of note on LinkedIn, be sure to link that post to your Facebook page. No doubt, you will need to be circumspect when you are communicating across different social media audiences but sharing stuff that is relevant and informative is a great way of giving your LinkedIn profile a boost, which may result in some more new connections or if you are lucky some inbound links.

Maximize Endorsement Collection

It can be difficult at the moment to comment the extent of the impact of endorsements of your LinkedIn profile on your search rankings. However, with all searches becoming more sensitive to a page’s popularity, you can very well be confident that the number of endorsements that a profile has is a good indicator of its popularity. Even the launch of How You Rank by LinkedIn is a very strong indicator that the social media platform is also considering popularity indexes, of which, endorsements are most certainly a part of. A good way of collecting endorsements is to first endorse other people that you are connected with and request for reciprocity.


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