Detailed Study On WordPress Hosting

WordPress started as a blogging platform but has now become one of the most popular and commonly used CMS. It is open source application and has a vast community of users. Business owners starting online have to understand a few crucial factors while choosing the WordPress hosting company. Selecting a wrong host could adversely have an impact on the business reputation and ranking in the search engine pages affecting the performance.

The web hosting company provides the customers with servers to store their WordPress applications and data. While selecting the WordPress hosting company consider:

• Features being offered in each of their services, security to the data
• Loading speed and ample space are critical for all businesses or it could affect the performance and productivity
• Exclusive email solutions with protection from spammers and hackers
• Whether it suits their business keeping the future business requirements in mind
• if the pricing is competitive
• they main aim should be to provide their customers with a secure and manageable hosting platform that would enhance their business performance
• the level of technical support they extend. Host should be available round the clock to be able to serve their customers at any given point of time.
• They should offer the latest versions of WP, PHP, MySQL etc.

Why is WordPress Hosting So Popular?

• WordPress can be quickly and easily installed.
• The interface is quite simple and even a novice can use it with ease.
• It is customizable and one can modify it to suit their website requirements.
• It comes with a variety of themes for the user to choose and make their website stand out high among the competitors.
• The templates allow easy edits and alterations. It also offers many high quality plug-ins and add-ons
• It is SEO friendly offering the users mega tags, descriptions, title etc. to make use of.
• WordPress can easily be scaled. Contents keeps increasing as business develops and allowing scalable features are a necessity. The users can add pages and functions as demanded by their growing business with ease.

Types of Hosting Platforms:

Shared WordPress Hosting:

It is the most economical and widely used option. All the computing resources are shared among the numerous users. It is the best choice for a new business and for those that are looking for local markets. The users need not be technically qualified as the host generally provides for the maintenance and management of the server. The users have the flexibility to upgrade to a higher platform as their business grows.

VPS WordPress Hosting: 

VPS is a good choice for all types of businesses. Though it also has users sharing the server and resources, it offers features that are similar to that of a dedicated server at more affordable prices. A large powerful server is split into smaller virtual partitions and offered to users. Each of the partitions function as independent servers with their own individual IP address. It is more secured that shared hosting and removes many of the limitations that hinders the growth of a website. It is highly reliable, scalable and customizable which does away with the need of buying resources they may not require.

Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting:

It removes the sharing of server resources and here an entire server is rented out to one single customer who gets complete control over the server. It is ideal for businesses that has lots of visitors on a regular basis and they cannot afford to be offline at any time. Businesses looking for high security and privacy for their mission critical operations also buy the dedicated hosting services.

Managed WordPress Hosting: 

Many of the web hosting companies offer fully managed services where they take complete responsibility of all the requisite maintenance, management and running of the server. They provide daily data backup, security, firewalls, updates to operating system and upgrades. The best providers also offer proactive monitoring that controls any issues from flaring up into major problems. This facility though more expensive frees the customers from the server related burdens and provides them with more time and resources to focus on their core business.

WordPress Hosting India providers offer affordable and competitive hosting solutions and flexible plans that come with a money back guarantee, maximum uptime guarantee and dedicated support.


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