Need Of VoIP Phone System For Small Business

Need Of VoIP Phone System For Small Business

Need of Communication

Communication is the key to success!!! This applies to human life in many ways. In context of Business, a proper communication is what decides the growth of the business whether it may be within a team or from management to subordinates or within the management or it be any kind of financial announcements of revenue or sales or tenders etc. Without any proper communication it is bound to happen that employees are having misunderstanding, lack of knowledge, no mission which all results into decline of business.

Communication Channels

In the above stanza, we have understood the importance of communication in the context of Business or Enterprise and we came to know that there should be a proper communication using some sort of proper communication channels. So now we need to understand what a communication channel is. Basically communication channels are of two types – 1. Print Media and 2. Electronic Media

1. Understanding Print Media

Before the electronics boom, in early 90s, print media is the mostly used mode of communication in any industry or enterprise. It includes notice, memo, wall paintings, news papers, pamphlets etc. Any news or any law and order which management wanted to put in place for his or her business used mail either notice or any sort of news paper. Print media was an effective mode of communication but with growing business and technology it is getting difficult to communicate everything using print media. With the advent of electronics boom, it became a trend setter to move ahead with technology and everyone started to use electronic media slowly.

2. Understanding Electronic Media

With the advent of technology, everyone wants to be updated. Same happens with the industrial growth. Time has become an important factor for them. Communication using print media started o became an obsolete process. Electronic media is quite fast and effective. With business tends to spread across geographies, electronic media reduces cost and becomes effective way of communication.

Types of Electronic Media

There are quite a few numbers of electronics media available in today’s world but few of them are widely used and described below:

Pager: It’s an electronic device which sends and receives short messages and it has a display to show it to user. It’s the most primitive way of electronic communication media. It works on the principle of direct connection protocol. It has a limited range of coverage.

Telephone: We all are familiar with telephone. It works on the principle of radio frequency. It has changed the aspect of communication a lot. Its most widely used communication device today. We can talk to anyone around any corner of earth. It is a wired device and has it’s limitation to connect every device using wires.

E-mail: It the mostly used communication channel in any enterprise or business. It is a method to exchange messages between two computer users via an email like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. Every enterprise now days run their own email client which enables the employees to communicate among each others. All we need for this a computer terminal having internet connectivity. It’s a very fast and secure way of communication. Employees can lookout for the historical messages also. Email has revolutionized the world with ever increasing users.

Mobile Communication: It is similar to telephone but the greatest advantage is that it is wireless. We can put the device any where even in our pockets and it will work. It provides the facility if Short Messaging Services (SMS). Mobile communication is the heart of today’s communication but it is mostly used for personal purposes. In an enterprise it is used but not to a great extent.

VoIP: VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology to place or transmit voice call over an internet connection instead of using any radio frequency based conventional phones. Experts opine that small business phones systems that are based on VOIP are much secure and cost-effective. Since every business is paying for the internet connectivity, so additionally they don’t have to pay for the Mobile or Telephone changes to other service provider. It reduces the cost of operations. Normal Mobile or telephone charges are higher than internet cost. It works within a Local Area Network- LAN. Every enterprise or business has its own LAN, so VoIP works perfectly fine for them. Since it is being transmitted using the internet from the LAN, so it’s much secured than open telephonic conversation.

Web Chat Clients: These are the relatively new mode of business communication. It uses some chat clients using internet are used to send and receive messages, to chat with the employees within an organization. Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime is few examples. It works on different communication protocols like Outlook Exchange, POP, and XMAPP. This mode of communication is mainly used in bigger and multinational organizations to chat or talk very frequently and instantaneously.


Finally we can conclude that whatever may be the mode of communication may it be verbal or written, print media or electronic media, the point to focus is that without effective way of communication, an enterprise is totally handicapped and it may finally.


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