Evolution Of Internet and Media Marketing

Evolution Of Internet and Media Marketing

Marketing is way that is prevalent among the entrepreneurs since the ancient times. The business persons are required to market their products or services in order to get more and more business. But, the method of marketing has been changed a lot with the passage of time with the developing technologies.

In the ancient or medieval times, the things were promoted by the marketers only by telling about the products or services to the people. With the advent of printing technologies, the advertisements through pamphlets or newspapers came in the picture. This was the benchmark in the world of marketing. The media ads started from this advent of printing with newspaper advertisements.


But, the growth of media didn’t stop here. Radio and television came into the limelight thereafter, which are also the sources to promote the product and services. After going through so many phases, computer was invented, which gave birth to internet later on. Today, internet has become a major source of media advertisements.

There are different types of internet marketing popular in the present scenario. In Singapore also, this type of promotion is widely popular today. If you live in Singapore, and you have the business in this country then you can contact some media consultancy Singapore for the media promotion over internet. In the internet media promotion, we can include:

Search Engine Optimization: Some tricks are used to increase the ranking of a website on the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If the websites comes on first or second page of the search engine, it attracts the attention of the visitors.

Social Media: This is the major source of promoting the business, products or services. The promotion is done on the social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Some stuff is posted over these social media websites. The stuff may be videos, pictures, pictures with informative text and written text. This stuff is seen by the visitors, which is the source of promotion of the website. But, the social media does not stop here. The stuff posted over different pages or profiles on the social media websites are further shared by other users, which make your posts popular. So, more and more people know about your business, products or services with the help of internet marketing consulting services.

Evolution Of Internet and Media Marketing

Videos: There are a plenty of video submission websites available over internet, such as YouTube, Dailymotion and many others. Besides, the video can be posted over the social media websites. The media consultancies post the videos containing the information about your business, products or services. The videos may contain the presentations, slides with texts, lectures, documentaries and more. These videos play a major role in increasing the popularity of your business and the business websites. It is a known fact that today’s users like to get information through videos more than from written text.

PowerPoint Presentations and Infographics: The PowerPoint presentations and Infographics ( which contain the graphics with information about your products, services, business or industry) are also the sources of media advertisemenst these days.

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