Want To Know What An IT Support Technician Does Every Day? Read This!

Want To Know What An IT Support Technician Does Every Day Read This!

One of the most commonly held jobs in the Information Technology (IT) industry is the IT support technician post. This is an officer whose job is to keep a close eye on and maintain the hardware and software resources of an organization. These resources include the client computers, the office equipment as well as the network infrastructure. IT support technicians are involved in installing, testing and maintaining hardware and software systems of a company. They can accomplish this task over the phone or in person on site. They conduct all these tasks so as to ensure that the employees are able to conduct their day to day business processes smoothly and effectively. Read on to learn more about IT support technician as a career.

In this career, the IT support technician is known by many names. These include:

  1. Hardware and applications support technician
  2. Help desk assistant
  3. System maintenance operator

Depending on experience and skills, the IT support technician can be placed in the first or second line of response in case of a glitch in the computer system.

Duties of an IT Support Technician

There are many duties that this technician is involved in on a daily basis. These include:

  1. Performing installation of new software, updates as well as hardware in the organization.
  2. They monitor and analyze the computer systems to ensure that they are running smoothly.
  3. If a member of staff gets stuck on a process, the IT support technician is charged with the responsibility of helping them get back on track. They also solve any software and hardware problems that client computers may develop. This form of IT Support Bay Area assistance can be conducted at the site of the problem or over the phone.
  4. They test the computer system and network infrastructure of the organization in troubleshooting efforts. Any problems that are discovered are diagnosed and solved promptly.
  5. They add and replace any hardware parts of the computer systems or  office electronics.
  6. Device documentation is always very important. It shows how to work them as well as how to repair and replace the parts. There is also documentation of computing processes in the organization. The IT support technician is responsible for providing both of these types of documentation.
  7. They set up accounts for the users of  client computers. Any issues with passwords are handled by the IT support technicians.
  8. They take up challenging cases of software or hardware updates as well as client concerns. If the technician cannot handle the case on their own, they find an external party and solve it with them.


An IT support technician is a very important officer in today’s companies and corporations. This officer ensures that all the machines and equipment in the company are working as required. This ensures that the day to day business processes are handled effectively and smoothly. If there is any new technology being introduced in the organization, you can be sure that the IT support technician is involved too.


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