Create Blog Posts That Rank High In Search Engines

Create Blog Posts That Rank High In Search Engines

If you can use your blog wisely, it can prove to be the most important marketing tool for you. Simple modifications in your blog can help in increasing the visibility and can attract more visitors, which increase the leads and sales of your business.

Keyword Rich Title:  The title of your blog must be keyword-rich in nature. Vague titles cannot attract many visitors and search engines. To gain maximum visibility for your title, here are some essential tips:

  • Colon Can Be Your Friend: If your title contains some keyword phrases which cannot be joined by conjunctions, use colon. It provides a wider approach making the title more appropriate.
  • Lead With Keywords: As the search engines provide concentration on the first few words, they can be composed of keywords. For example, ‘Women Traditional Wear: What’s Hot This Year?’
  • Put Numbers In Lists: When you insert numbers in your title, it becomes more specific and more engaging to the visitors. For Example, ‘50 Ways To Express Your Love’ or ‘10 Questions To Be Asked In A Job Interview’.

Topic Should Be Keyword Rich:  When you are choosing the topics, it must be keyword rich in nature. Quality content will keep on attracting visitors and will generate more leads for your business. You must do a proper keyword research before choosing your topics. The Google Adword Keyword tool helps you in identifying the monthly searches of each keyword and tells you how competitive the search term is.

Repeat Your Keyword Phrase:  Though you have inserted keywords in the title, it cannot stand on its own. You are required to use the keywords throughout the rest of your copy. The first or the second sentence of your blog post must contain the keywords. The bulk email marketing services in Mumbai can provide a proper guidance of ideal keyword positions and the marketing campaigns. If you find any difficulty in inserting the keywords in first two sentences, you may open up the overview of the blog in the first lines. The overview will definitely provide you with the keywords. If still the keywords are appearing irrelevant, then your keyword selection must have been wrong for the particular blog. But always make sure that you are not overusing your keywords. Search engines may penalize you for over optimizing the post.

Check With SEO Plugin: Your entire work can be checked with SEO plugin. As soon as you have created the first draft of your post, you can check with SEO plugin. It will check whether you have taken the appropriate steps or have used the proper keyword phrases. It also provides a proper control over the title by allowing uniqueness to it. It allows creating proper Meta description with the snippet length phrase. Though it is still a debatable issue that the plug-in helps in improving the ranks, but it surely increases the click-through rates.

Share Through Social Networks:  When you have published your blog post, you must share it with your social media networks. The social buzz can definitely create a boost in the search engine ranking. You can also increase traffic and can create awareness among the visitors. You can add share buttons at the top and the bottom of your blog posts to encourage more sharing.

Therefore, your blogs must be easily sharable through various social networks. You must try to create your blog in a domain where you have the control as a webmaster. Never forget to create an attractive and appropriate title with the best keywords. You can use the keywords early and often throughout your article but never overuse it!

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