Are You Ready To Hire Python Developers For Your Company?

Are You Ready To Hire Python Developers For Your Company

We bring a set of questions you can ask in the interview to judge the candidate well.

1. Define Python

This is very basic question and no wonder every candidate must have prepared well for this question. You need to find who explains the term Python best and once you find, you can hire python developer for your company. Python is widely accepted, high-level programming language that lets programmers to express concepts in limited code lines. It is significant programming language that contains modules, objects, exceptions, threads, and automatic memory management.

2. Is there any benefit of using Python?

Yes, there are many benefits of using Python programming language. The list includes simplicity, portability, user-friendly, extensibility, and availability of default data structures.

3. What is PEP 8?

It is a coding convention. PEP 8 is a set of recommendations that make Python code more readable for programmers.

4. Can you define Pickling and Unpickling?

Pickle is a module that converts any Python object into a string representation and dumps it into a file with the help of “dump” function. This entire process is known as Pickling. Coming to Unpickling, it is the process in which developer retrieves original Python objects from the stored string representation.

5. Can we manage memory in Python? Is there any special method?

Yes, Python memory can be managed by its Private Heap Space. All the objects and data structures of Python are located in a private Heap. There is also a default Garbage Collector that recycles the unused memory, cleans it up and makes it available to that Heap Space.

6. Can you name the tools that help in determining bugs in Python?

There are PyChecker and Pylint tools that help in finding bugs or help in analysis of the code.

7. How you define Lambda in Python?

Lambda in Python is a single expression anonymous function that is often used as an inline function.

8. What is Docstring?

9. Explain the generators in Python

10. How to copy an object in Python?

There are more of such questions to ask from candidates who would like to get hired by your company. To hire python developers having great development skills, you can ask them such discussed questions and judge them on the basis of quality answers and understanding.

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