What Is A Plastic Injection Molding Machine? 

A plastic injection molding machine is a machine specifically designed to make plastic parts. They have been around for as long as thermoplastics have been and with the need to make plastic parts, it becomes clear how those two have a dynamic and personal relationship. Since our dependency on plastic parts has increased steadily over the years, an injection molding machine has served a very important function for us. Providing us with products that we use every single day. The process is simple and yet has so many benefits, which is truly astounding. Let’s go over the entire process and see what it produces as well as what the advantages and disadvantages are.

An industrial plastic injection molding machine is rather large and it is optimized for a large output of products. With that in mind it is important to realize that there are a lot of parts to the puzzle of the machine. To start with, plastic pieces are fed into the hopper where they will be melted at a high temperature thanks to a screw barrel. After they are melted down they are injected into a mold through a nozzle. The mold is the most important part for those wishing to have a design made because this is where it takes shape. After it is made into the mold the product will be able to be shaped for the specific need.

What is it used for?

A plastic injection molding machine will produce a very large amount of parts. Most of them can be found in your home or office with them including plastic utensils, buckets, storage units and lawn chairs among many others. A typical China plastic injection mold making company will be able to make a very large amount of these products as we all know from the label on the back of the products.


There are definitely advantages to producing parts this way. The process can produce a very large amount of parts per hour as it takes around 15-30 seconds for a cycle of products. As you can imagine that will stack up fast. Even though it has a lot of production, it doesn’t rely on a lot of manual labor which keeps labor costs low. There is also a lot of flexibility with the design types so it is able to be customized to specific needs very easily.


The biggest disadvantage is the cost of production. While there is not as much labor put into the process, any plastic injection mold making company will tell you that there is a high initial cost for tools and designs. And then the accuracy is very difficult to get to a set price for the process. Other than cost, it will not have too many disadvantages to it.

Plastic injection molding machines are a great way to efficiently make a large amount of parts and products. And if you are looking to produce plastic parts, your best bet is to look into the amount you need and then explore your options with this type of production.


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