5 Essential Tips To Enhance CakePHP Development

5 Essential Tips To Enhance CakePHP Development

There are a lot of programming languages and frameworks to develop powerful websites and applications that support business operations. One of the best Open Source Web Framework preferred by developers across the world is CakePHP which is produced by the Cake Software Foundation. This Rapid Application Development framework is written in PHP by supporting the Model View Controller approach.

Other imperative features such as simple configuration, architecture support, scaffolding, database access, code generation, high-end security tools, in-built translations, caching and authentication and many other things necessary for effective web development are counted in this remarkable framework offering ease to the developers.

Although, it is understood that a developer whether expert or novice might encounter uncertain errors while carrying on a PHP program. But you should hire PHP developers from India who can help you with impeccable coding. In India there is a vast community of CakePHP developers, acquainted with the seamless CakePHP development process, ensuring value-added development for better end-results.

Page Building without Models

For each static page, it’s not compulsory for CakePHP developers to set dedicated controllers or define separate action in the code. Rather the developers can choose to create views in the pages folder and get the action implemented for all the pages at runtime. This is a beneficial way the developers can use during CakePHP web development which saves time and efforts in the process of development.

To correct errors add a command before Save()

Using the pr($this->validationErrors) command in coding can find and fix errors that generally take place while saving file. Yet, if the function does not return any apt values, then better add the same before save() command. This will sure definitely give the results to return all the errors before the file saving process. However, it is always a good decision to hire PHP developers from India for perfect CakePHP development.

Be careful when managing tables

To properly manage the tables, designers and developers must know the elementary information about the tables. A lot of times a developer face problem in working with tables for a minor fail in getting the simple information. Just by adding: pr($this->ModelName->schema()) to your codes, and collecting all the required information about the table. Again, a lot of programmers face peculiar issues when they convert the data in the table. For this reason, the developers must work as per the predefined format, or should delete all the cache files from the list by adding: app/tmp/cache. These steps are quite easy to keep away usual problems that occur while dealing with tables. If you find it difficult to deal with it, better hire PHP developers from India and get the work done without a hitch.

Creation of pages without using models

For adding new static pages swiftly, a CakePHP developer does not have to set a dedicated controller and describe separate actions for every page in codes. The CakePHP technology has an alternative to decrease this tiresome action. The developers can just develop their views inside the pages folder and get the action called for all the pages at the run time.

Keep the $Validate array on

While we work in CakePHP, chances are that while developing record files or updating record files you might face some irking errors. After completing coding, developers do file validations and then it notifies errors. Rectifying such errors one after another is a big issue for all PHP programmers. By keeping the $validate array on when creating or modifying recorded files, save enough time in the run time of programs. It is advantageous to the programmers in effortlessly finding wrong entries by keeping the validate function on.

To Conclude

Every CakePHP Development Company can guarantee advanced PHP web development process if they have hired a CakePHP developer from India aware about these practices. Also, they can offer high-quality CakePHP development services with the help of these tips.


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