SEO v/s SMO: Which Is More Beneficial?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization are two most important aspects of online marketing in today’s digital era. While each of these two has its own definition and purpose, both are required to be seen as complementary rather than alternative options when it comes to achieving your online marketing goals. The fact is if you want maximum mileage for your digital marketing efforts, you would need to go for affordable website SEO packages as well as some effective SMO services.

Meaning of SEO and SMO

Before we delve deep into the effectiveness and benefits of SEO and SMO, let us first understand what these two terms specifically mean.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of online marketing strategies aimed at bringing more traffic to your website through improved search engine rankings. SEO primarily involves optimization of your website so that its pages appear early in Search Engine Result Pages. As part of this optimization, you select relevant keywords and target them at places such as – titles, meta-descriptions, alt tags, headers, and so on. SEO also involves several other activities to make your site search engine friendly.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) involves strategies to improve the visibility and presence of your website and business on different social media platforms and online interactive communities. SMO helps you boost your brand image, generate leads and also increase sales. As part of SMO efforts, you share contents outside your website on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, to name a few. These channels allow your content to spread widely creating brand awareness amongst people in a very short period of time.

Benefits of SEO

As more and more buyers are turning to Internet to search, choose and buy products and services, the role of search engines has become paramount. These search engines bring potential buyers to your website. SEO is a long term effort but worth making as it brings increased traffic to your website enhancing the chances of more leads and business.

With SEO, you are able to establish a strong and consistently effective web presence that allows you to put your products and services right in front of targeted prospective customers. Once you have laid down the foundation of SEO and established traffic generation, you have a whole new world of lead generation possibilities in front of you. You may have a targeted list of leads that is more promising in terms of brand loyalty and sales.

If you too want to reap the benefits of SEO, look for a reputed company that offers affordable website SEO packages.

Benefits of SMO

If you want to succeed in your business, you have to listen to your customers. Winning customer loyalty and improved brand awareness is possible when you understand your customers and offer them products and services that exactly meet their needs. This is where SMO comes into the picture. It helps you connect with your customers, keep them updated with your latest offerings, and gain an insight into their requirements.

As a business, you can create your corporate social media pages to build rapport with your customers. In addition, social media allows you to create communities of followers, fans and advocates. You can engage with your customers (old/existing/prospective/general audience) and also get their instant and interactive feedback on your products and services. Knowing what your customers are thinking can take you a long way in coming up with online marketing strategies and new products and services. Engagement with your customers at such granular level on a global scale was never this easy. Thanks to SMO!

Through SMO, you can also generate traffic to your website from popular social media platforms thus expanding your reach and brand popularity.

SEO or SMO – What Should be Your Choice

The real question here is not the choice between SEO and SMO. Rather, the real question here is how you can use both SEO and SMO as part of your online marketing strategy. At the end of the day, both SEO and SMO offer benefits and meet your ultimate marketing goal – improved traffic and increased leads and business.

With SMO, you get success in a much shorter interval of time and with SEO, you get longer lasting success with targeted efforts over a longer duration of time. SMO helps you to interact with your customers more closely to make your brand popular and win more business. However, without SEO, you will not gain visibility with search engines and thus lose out on a major flow of traffic that could have tuned into a potential customer base. This is the reason why you need both to make your web presence successful. Your quality content can be simultaneously used in both SEO and SMO techniques to get your site more prominence and visitors.

SEO v/s SMO: Which Is More Beneficial?

In addition, SEO and SMO can no longer be seen as two independent, unrelated strategies. Rather, SMO is an integral part of SEO. The stronger the social web presence of your business, the higher the impact it makes on search engines. In fact, social shares and likes of your content are now regarded as one of the deciding factors driving Google search rankings. This is because Google considers such content as high quality, engaging, relevant and useful to people. This means, the more your content has been shared and liked across social media, the better your chances of ranking higher on Google. The role of social media on search engine rankings is only likely to grow manifold in near future.

In such a scenario, all you need is an integrated approach that involves elements of both SEO and SMO for making an overall impact in the online marketplace. An ideal online marketing strategy should employ both SEO and SMO tactics to build brand awareness and help people know about your company, products and services. So, you can choose one of the affordable website SEO packages and club it with SMO for making your online presence successful.

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