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The Top Regrets of the Dying

Top Regrets of the DyingI stumbled across an amazing story online today that really “hit home”.

A palliative nurse, who has counselled the dying in their last day, has revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives.

Here’s a brief and quick rundown of the story of the top regrets of the dying

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The “Holiday” Mentality

keep-calm-and-start-the-countdown-8You know when you’re with a friend and all your conversation is about how their  holiday is in X amount of time?

Or when you log onto Facebook or Twitter and you see numerous people counting down the days/months before going on holiday?

This makes no sense to me. When you arrive at your holiday destination you don’t count how many days are left, do you?

I feel sorry for these people, you know why?

Because it’s a shame that their life revolves around going on holidays.

I mean, okay, I understand it’s nice to go on a holiday, discover new places, countries, cities and relax for 20 days.

But what about the other 345 days?

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Far More Important Than Talent

resized_einsteinfunnyEvery now and then I’ll get a compliment on my online abilities and it always throws me for a loop.

Not because I don’t think I’m pretty darn good and know quite a bit about putting clients in your business and money in your pocket, but because of how it’s said.

Once when I was instructing someone on a portion of their marketing and on the spot they called me a “genius.”

To that person, my spur of the moment advice was genius. But to me, on the other end of the phone, it was far from it.

It was simply experience and the ability to translate that experience into simple ideas that would help move that person forward.

The question is, how?

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Why ‘Time Management’ is Essential in your Business

tmtools-skillsWhat is “good” Time Management and how do you master it?

Well, this is something that I have had personal experience with and had to overcome.

So I decided I would share the knowledge..


Why is Time Management so important in your business?

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