Why you Should Use a Quadcopter?


It’s a bird! It’s a plane? No it’s a Quadcopter. If somebody would’ve claimed a few years ago that rotor propelled machines would be cluttering our skies, he or she would probably be told to consult a psychiatrist. Quadcopters or drones, as they are called in layman terms, are no longer the signature mark of […]

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Paris- The honeymooner’s paradise

So you are all set to tie the knot! After all it is your wedding day approaching. There must be so many things going in your mind right now. the butterflies in your stomach, the smile which never ceases to leave your face and the checking of your smart phone now and then is proof […]

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5 Ways To Take Your Business To A New Level

Image source: http://under30ceo.com/4-smart-investments-sure-to-help-your-business-grow-up/

If we would have to point out single attribute that connects all successful business, we would, without any doubt, say that all of them are growing. We would even go one step further and say that reaching new landmarks and constantly striving for more is, actually, the only attribute deciding whether the business is successful […]

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Why Cloud-Based Infrastructure Is The Future


What is Cloud Infrastructure? Cloud-based infrastructure is different to traditional on-site infrastructure that was once the foundation of IT operations in offices across the world.Companies are swapping all, or part of their on site servers for remote access to files, apps and services via their Internet connection. Cloud infrastructure enables organisations to use processing, storage, […]

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Telematics: Shaping Today’s Business World

GPS Technology

Times are changing and new technologies are constantly creating new opportunities for businesses of all sizes throughout the world. Of all of these technologies, Telematics – or the long distance transmission of computerized information – has carved a path into the technological world among many industries. Within these industries, telematics has granted automotive fleet businesses […]

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